What’s Included in the Free Logo Package

My Free Logo Maker offers one 100% FREE logo package. Here are the logo files and other assets you get in this package: 

  • 4 x PNG logo files (full-color, color with transparent background, black with transparent background, white with transparent background)
  • 12 x vector logo files (4 each of EPS, SVG, PDF, in the same color variations as above)
  • Email signature branded templates 

Using PNG files

PNGs are easy-to-open, high-res files that can be used for almost any digital purpose: websites, social media, email signatures, images, and more. However, if you’re sending your logo to a printer, we recommend sending a vector file, like an SVG or EPS. 

Using SVG and EPS files

If you need to send logo files to a printer or designer, SVG and EPS files can be used in both Sketch and Adobe Illustrator as well as GIMP. They’re easily editable as they’re a layered file, so if you have the design tools, you can rearrange them. 

SVGs can also be used on CSS-enabled websites, though they have to be directly applied into the code. Unless you have some great web developer skills, we recommend sticking to a PNG for use on your website! 

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