Adding/Editing a Logo Symbol

My Free Logo Maker has hundreds of thousands of beautifully designed symbols to choose from. 

If you’d like to add a symbol to your logo (or change the symbol in your design) while in the logo editor, here’s how: 

  1. In the menu on the left, select Symbol
  2. You’ll see some symbol ideas that fit your current design (scroll down to view more), OR enter a keyword for a desired symbol in the Search for icons box under Options
  3. Browse the variations and select the one you like. Once you've chosen your symbol, your preview image will update with your choice.

Changing symbol color 

Click the symbol or go to the Symbol section in the left menu. To the top left of your logo (beside the Size button), you’ll see a colored circle. Click the circle to select another color for your symbol, or enter a custom hex code. You can also get more color ideas by going to the Palette option in the left menu and browsing suggested variations. 

Changing symbol size

Click the symbol or go to the Symbol option in the left menu. You’ll see a Size button above your logo — click this and use the toggle to make your symbol bigger or smaller.  

Changing symbol position

Click the symbol or go to the Symbol section in the left menu. Above the logo, you’ll see a Position button, as well as a set of icons with a dot and a line. Use the Position button to adjust the symbol in relation to your logo text. Use the icon buttons to change where your symbol appears in relation to your logo text: on top, to the left, to the right, or below. 

Adding a symbol between words 

If your logo has two words, you can see layout options where your symbol is placed between the two words. To find this layout option, go to the Layout section in the left menu and scroll down until you see this variation. Select the design to save or edit it.
Note: You can’t manually insert a symbol between two words in your logo. 

Uploading your own symbol/icon

Unfortunately, you can’t add your own symbol to a logo, as our logo maker only knows how to work with our current database of 650,000+ symbols. Use the search to find something that suits your business and design! 

Deleting a symbol 

To delete a symbol in your logo, click the symbol (or go to the Symbol section in the left menu). In the top menu above your logo, click the trash can symbol.  

Undoing changes

You can undo changes at any time by clicking the Undo button at the top of the editor. You can also choose History in the left menu to see recent iterations of the logo you’ve been editing. 

If you’re working with a logo design you like, but want to keep trying other options, click Make a Copy at the top of the editor screen to save your current iteration of a design. 

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