Editing Logo Fonts

My Free Logo Maker has hundreds of fonts in different styles to help you find the perfect match for your logo.

You can explore and change fonts by going to the Name section in the left menu. Under Name Options > Font Types, click Change to select different font styles (like Modern, Elegant, Quirky, and many more!). Click on one you like to save or edit further.

Changing the logo slogan font

Click Slogan in the left menu. Under Slogan Options at the top of the page, click Font Types. From here, you can explore font options by scrolling down or selecting a font style.

Using custom fonts or searching fonts by name

You can’t import fonts or use custom fonts in the logo editor. You also can’t search fonts by name. 

However, we'll give you the name of the font used in your logo after you download it (check your brand guidelines or the Getting Started doc in your logo download folder). If you have designer skills, you can also open your vector files (SVG or EPS) after you download them and edit your logo design in a design program like Illustrator or Photoshop. 

Undoing changes

You can undo changes at any time by clicking the Undo button at the top of the editor. You can also choose History in the left menu to see recent iterations of the logo you’ve been editing. 

If you’re working with a logo design you like, but want to keep trying other options, click Make a Copy at the top of the editor screen to save your current iteration of a design. 

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